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Grease Spray W

Useable as universal lubricant for moving parts and sliding bearings for example in automotive engineering, also as preservative for motorcycles

Multifunctional Spray

Versatile aid for industry, vehicles and household based on mineral oil and oleic acid ester, lubricates all mechanical components, universal application
temperature range: -40 up to +90 °C/-40 up to +194 °F

Chain Adhesive Spray

Semi-synthetic adhesive chain spray, suitable for heavy loaded chains of motorbikes and fast running chains in industry
temperature range: -30 up to +130 °C/-22 up to +266 °F

Universal Cleaning Spray

Special product for cleaning and maintaining all surfaces, can be used for degreasing and to solve residues on moving parts, engines and transmission components

Electro-Contact Spray

Silicone- and chlorine-free spray based on mineral oil for cleaning and maintaining electrical contacts, dissolves greases, oils and damp dirt

Silicone Spray

Chemically resistant, colourless, universal sliding agent for all surfaces; lubricates, cleans and protects, excellent compatibility with sealings
temperature range: -50 up to + 250 °C/-58 up to +482 °F

Precision Mechanics Oil Spray XF 12

Special oil for lubrication of precision devices

specification and approvals for
FEINMECHANIKÖL XF 12: V40 ca. 12 mm²/s

Creeping Oil Spray

Water displacing anti-corrosion oil with rust-dissolving properties as well as good penetrating properties, forms a thin oily film

specification and approvals for
KRIECHÖL: V20 ca. 3,4 mm²/s

Anti-Corrosion Spray KO 6-F

Solvent-containing anti-corrosion fluid with water-repellent and good penetrating properties, forms a thin oily to slightly creamy film

specification and approvals for
KO 6 F: V20 ≈ 5.5 mm²/s

Pole protection spray

For the maintenance and protection of battery poles, terminals, battery holder, earth connections and further electrical connections. Based on mineral oil, selected additives and an organic solvent. Efficient protection against corrosion, prevents leakage current as well as voltage lost and extends lifetime of battery.

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